Superserver 4120
    Modell 4120-T8-F-M3
 Produkte    Systeme    2U    [4120-T8-F-M3]


• AMD® Opteron 6378 (Abu Dhabi) 16-Core
  CPU 2.40GHz, 16MB Cache, 115W

• 16GB DDR3 ECC 1333MHz (max. 128GB)

• 8x 2TB SATA (RAID)

• Hardware SAS/SATA RAID Controller mit 1.6GHz
  Dualcore Prozessor und 512MB Cache
  Battery Backup

• 2U Rackgehäuse schwarz

• 8x 3.5" Hot Swap Einschübe SAS/SATA

• 3 Lüfter + 1 Netzteillüfter

• 560W hoch-effizientes Netzteil redundant
  80plus Gold-Level zertifiziert

• AMD® SR5650 Chipset

• Dual Gigabit NIC On-Board
• Dual 10 Gigabit NIC (optional)

• IPMI Hardware-Fernwartung mit KVM
  (Funktion auch bei abgeschaltetem System)

• DVD-Laufwerk

• 2 Jahre Garantie (Bis 5 Jahre optional)

• bis 5 Jahre Vor-Ort Garantie optional

Jeder Server wird konfiguriert und betriebsbereit
geliefert! Komplette Installation vor Ort auf Anfrage!

Windows 2011 / 2008     Linux*     Hardware RAID     Rackmount-Ready    

  Product SKUs
 AS-4120-T8-F-M3 SuperServer 4120-T8-F (Black)
 Opteron® 6000 Serverboard
  Processor & Cache
 CPU Single 1944-pin Socket G34
 Supports one 16/12/8/4-Core
  AMD Opteron™ 6000 Series
 HT3.0 Link support
  System Memory
 MemoryEight DIMM sockets
 CapacitySupport up to 128GB DDR3
  1333/1066/800 MHz memory
 Quad channel memory bus
 Recommended that
  memory are populated in groups of
  four of the same type
 MemoryDDR3 1333/1066/800 MHz Registered
 Type ECC Unbuffered ECC/non-ECC SDRAM
  72-bit, 240-pin gold-plated DIMMs
 DIMM Sizes1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
 Memory1.35V or 1.5V
  On-Board Devices
 ChipsetAMD chipset SR5650 + SP5100
 SATA (onboard)AMD SP5100 (RAID 0, 1, 10)
 IPMISupport for Intelligent Platform
  Management Interface v.2.0
 IPMI 2.0 with virtual media over
  LAN and KVM-over-LAN support
 Winbond® WPCM450 BMC
 NetworkTwo Intel® 82574L controller,
 Controllers Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet
 10/100/1000BASE-T support
 GraphicsMatrox® G200 16MB DDR2
 Super I/OWinbond 83627 chip
  Add-On Devices
 10 GBE NICDual-port Intel 82598EB with two
  CX4 connectors
 PCI-E x8 (PCI-e Gen 2 Compatible)
  to maximize performance
 Intel I/O Acceleration Technology
  (I/O AT) for improved CPU utilization
 Low-latency interrupts
 16 Virtual Machine Device queues
  (VMDq) for virtualized environment
 Direct Cache Access (DCA) to
  eliminate cache misses and reduce
  CPU load
 Tx/Rx, IP, TCP, and UDP checksum
  offloading (IPv4, IPv6) capabilities
  to increase throughput and lower
  processor utilization
 Preboot eXecution Environment
  (PXE) support
 Simple Network Management
  Protocol (SNMP) and Remote
  Network Monitoring (RMON)
  statistic counters
 iSCSI boot
 Energy-efficient design
  (maximum 6.5W)
 OS Support: Windows, Linux,
 SAS / SATA RAIDHigh Performance SAS RAID
  Controller 8-Port PCI-E/8x
  with 1.6GHz Dualcore Prozessor
 RAID 0/1/1E/5/5EE/6/10/50/60/JBOD
 Global Hot Spare Supported
 512MB DDR2 Cache
 8 internal SAS/SATA HDDs supported
 Online Capacity Expansion and
  RAID Level Migration
 Battery Pack
  Expansion Slots
 PCI-Express2 PCI-E x8
 1 PCI-E x4
 3 PCI 3.3V
  Input / Output
 SATASix Serial ATA ports
 onboardSix internal SATA HDDs
 LAN2x RJ45 LAN port
 1x RJ45 dedicated IPMI LAN port
 USB2x USB rear ports
 2x USB on-board
 4x USB internal headers OR
  2x USB internal headers +
  2x USB front ports (optional)
 Total 8x USB 2.0 Compliant
 VGA1x VGA Port
 Keyboard /PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
 Serial Ports/1x Fast UART 16550 serial rear port
 Header1x Fast UART 16550 serial header OR
  1x Fast UART 16550 serial front port
  System BIOS
 BIOS Type16Mb Flash EEPROM with AMI® BIOS
 BIOSPlug and Play (PnP)
 FeaturesDMI 2.3
 PCI 2.2
 ACPI 2.0
 USB Keyboard Support
 Form Factor2U Chassis
 Weight~27kg (depends on Config)
 Available ColorsBlack
  Front Panel
 ButtonsPower On/Off button
 System Reset button
 LEDsPower LED
 Hard drive activity LED
 2x Network activity LEDs
 System Overheat LED
 Power fail LED
 Ports2x USB front ports +
  DB9 COM front port (optional)
  Drive Bays
 Hot-swap Bays8x 3.5" SAS / SATA
  Hot-Swap drive bays
 Peripheral Bay1x Slim DVD Drive Bay
 1x Slim port tray
  Peripheral Drives
  System Cooling
 Fans3x 80mm 6300 RPM fans
 1x Power Supply Fan
  SAS / SATA Backplane
 1x 2U SAS / SATA backplane w/ Enclosure Management
  Power Supply
 560W AC-DC high-efficiency power supply w/PFC
 80plus Gold Level certified
 AC Voltage100 - 240V, 60-50Hz, 7.5 Amp max.
 +5V standby3.0 Amp
 +12V49.0 Amp/180-240V
 +5V18.0 Amp
 +3.3V15.0 Amp
 -12V0.5 Amp
 SoftwareSuper Doctor III
 Power ACPI Power Management
 ConfigurationsWake-On-LAN (WOL) header
 Keyboard Wakeup from Soft-Off
 Power-on mode control for AC
  power loss recovery
  PC Health Monitoring
 CPUMonitors CPU Core Voltages, +1.8V,
  +3.3V, +5V, ±12V, +3.3V Standby,
  VBAT, HT, memory, chipset
 CPU switching voltage regulator
 FANUp to 6-fan status tachometer monitoring
 Up to six 4-pin fan headers
 Status monitor for speed control
 3-pin fan support (w/o speed control)
 Low noise fan speed control
   (4-pin fan only)
 Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) fan
 TemperatureMonitoring for CPU and chassis
 CPU thermal trip support
 Thermal Control for 6x Fan Connectors
 I2C Temperature Sensing Logic
 LEDCPU / System Overheat LED
 +5V Standby Alert LED
 OtherChassis intrusion detection
 FeaturesChassis intrusion header

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* Kompatibel zu den gängigen Linux Derivaten. Bitte prüfen Sie ggf. Ihr Linux Derivat auf Unterstützung des RAID Controllers!