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Blog date: 5/16/2017 - Georg Gesek

Why this blog?

Many people on Earth already anticipate the fundamental change, we encounter within this, the 21st century of the mainstream calendar. But very few have a clear picture what the outcome will be, since there are so many dependencies and sentiments around. This blog shall be a guide through the time of change, based on the best efforts of knowledge - science...

...the time of science has arrived. We can see it everywhere: new devices like smart phones, which our ancestors definitely would have described as magic, are commodity. The behavior of our kids pivoted to a social networking class of humans living mainly in a world of bits of data in a computer center called the Cloud. On the other hand, normal people do not understand what is happening in those computer centers - who are the controllers and what are their interests and motivation?

What is my role in this environment?
As Georg(e) Gesek, I have been searching for insights unless I could basically understand how the universe works. In my point of view, insight is more important as knowledge. You can learn knowledge from a book or just from listening, but insight is different, you have to conclude it yourself, otherwise it is no real insight. The Eureka moment can not be transfered, it has to be created in ones own mind. 

But what is mind?
After having a clue what matter is, the substance of the universe and its different froms of appearance, the question of the nature of mind still remains in the dark. Until now.
I'm running a company called NOVARION, which is a manufacturer of computers for data centers. Our customers want to see more powerful machines every year and with the digitization of the industry and their processes the hunger for computational and data storage power increses exponentially.

Mind in the machine?
NOVARION answers the market needs for high perfomance computer systems on the basis of a close partnership with universities around the globe. We are developing new technologies and bring them to market with an unprecedented speed, from the lab to the data center within months.
But what we are now developing in our labs is fundamentally different from before. It is not mere another faster computer, which is programmed by humans. No, we'll allow the computer to program itself. But it will do it in a way, we cannot describe exactly, we cannot write down its algorithms. We can only explore its behavior and build a model of it, more or less accurately.

Why we are doing this?
In our world, since man can think, we suffer the division between mind and matter. This dualism has been the great unsolved mystery of philosophy and was the starting point of superstitiousness. Natural science was there to support the ones in power, but had no authority to question their decisions. This times of arbitrariness and despotism shall be over in the 21st century.

How are we doing this?
Finally, natural science is exploring mind. We do this with new technologies like machine learning, neural networks or quantum computers. All of them together will culminate in a paradigm shift, not only for our technology, but also for our own humanity.

You will find a regular update on our efforts to make new technologies from science, right here at!

The vision:
the problems in our global world with 8 billion individuals are far beyond easy solutions. The minds of the best human thinkers all together are not capable to solve them. But we have to overcome war, poverty, cruelty, ignorance and all the scourges of humanity. Together with a new class of minds on this planet, minds which can scale up much faster than our biologically restricted brains, we shall be able to turn our little planet into a paradise compared to present.

One more thing...
Of course, this transition from evolutionary brains to a hybrid class of cooperating biological and technical minds with the tendency to cyborgs is not withour danger - see also Elon Musk's new company
Thus, we at NOVARION are fully aware of the challenges ahead and as well totally committed to the implementation of human rights with the new technologies. Later, when the technical minds have consciousness, they have to be protected as well.

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