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Tacyon® LSX

SMB optimized HA/DT SAN

Tacyon® LSX represents a HighAvailability SAN environment, optimized for Small and Medium Business needs. A storage cluster with enhanced Automatic Failover Technology guarantees the operation of the system even in case of a site failure.

Multilevel Cache Technology

Multilevel Cache Technology: CISC Cache, RISC Cache and SSD Cache provide excellent performance.

Wide Range Data Replication

Data Replication for NAS volumes is supported for long distances to save user data to an additional location redundantly.


Tacyon® LXS monitoring provides a multilevel notification system supporting email as well as SNMP. Hardware based sensors are working in every operation mode also at offline systems.

Comprehensive SAS-3 Technology

The system embracing the SAS-3 technology sets new standards in the field of data transmission for HDDs and SSDs. Especially SSDs that had been working at the upper limit of their interfaces before, now again have sufficient space to guarantee the implementation of the requirements to the system.Aconnection of 12 gigabits per second per disk equates to a gross data rate of up to 1.5 gigabytes or to 375,000 4k blocks per second.


Two nodes located in the storage cluster can be used active/active* and written to simultaneously and ensure maximum availability, even in case of failure of one side for SAN services.

Multi-Tier Investment Protection

Existing hardware, even from different manufacturers can continue to be used, Tacyon® platforms can also be used in Tacyon® or PlatinStor® next generation systems. A modular design allows a simple expansion at any given time.

Highly Effective Capacity Utilization

After building the RAID sets, almost 100% of the net capacity can be used for storing user data.

Tacyon® LSX Shema

Outstanding Data Integrity

Each Tacyon® cluster contains two nodes. Each node provides its own storage devices, data integrity is ensured even if one site is totally unavailable.

True Synchronous Mirroring

Each block being confirmed by Tacyon®, is guaranteed to exist on both nodes, data loss due to failure of one side is thus controlled optimally.

Flexible Connectivity

All popular media for ISCSI/Ethernet are supported, including iSCSI over 1GBE, 10GBE, 40GBEcopper and optical (RJ-45 /SFP+/QSFP+).

Enhanced Maintenance

The Tacyon® LXS Management Console is designed to be used locally or remotely over internet. Multilevel rights management increases security and flexibility as well as making overall management easier.

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